26 Ocak 2014 Pazar

misery mozzery

'The brain speculates but the heart knows.'
'Our conclusions are our own, yet the landscape is infinite.'
'All that you consider hip and happening will also tumble into nostalgia just at the moment when you finally come to realize where everything is, and how things ought to be. It is a race to the grave.'
'It is only the singing voice, I decide, that tell us how things became how they are.'
'The song is the art of using language as persuasion, and with that allowance and this hope, I want to cry.'
'Loudly and wildly the music played, always pointing to the light, to the way out, or the way in, to individualism, and to the remarkable if unsettling notion that life could possibly be lives as you might wish it to be lived.'

'Eat it up and dream it about later, or wake up and dream as the years shuffle like cards.'
'Now comes the hour to choose between being acceptable to others or being acceptable to one's own self, for we must kill our true selves off in order to survive.'
'Life could only ever be changed for the better because somebody somewhere had taken a risk.'
'A personal music collection read as private medical records.'
'Everyone tries to knot your desires lest your success highlight their own failure.'
'Love through recorded song - which just even be the only place where you have the chance to show yourself as you really are since nothing in your disposed life gives you encouragement.'
'The arts translate life into film and literature and music and repeat a deadly poison:
the monotonous in life must be protected at all costs.'
'The outer reality shakes the inner life awake.'
'I suggest to Johnny that we call ourselves the Smiths... It sounded like a timeless name, unlikely to date, and unlikely to glue itself to come-and-go movements.'
'My own name is by now synonymous with the word miserable in the press, so Johnny putters misery and playfully arrives at misery mozzery, which truncates to Moz, and I am classified ever after.'
'I run into the toilet to avoid the embarrasment of appearing too human.'
'You either approve of violence or you don't, and nothing on earth is more violent or extreme than meat industry... Yet people are still encouraged to eat death, and to have death inside their bodies.'
'It shows me how the mission to sing isn't always a result of pain.'
'I had learned to guard my secrets carefully, and I had stored boxes of clippings... It would be the ache of love sought, but not found; buttoning your overcoat as you stand before an ash-slag fire as you ponder years of wasted devotion amid the endless complaint of boredom.'
'At the hour of the Smiths' birth I had felt at the physical and emotional end of life... it was just beginning. Nothing fortified me, and simple loneliness all but destroyed me, yet I felt swamped by the belief that life must mean something - otherwise why was it there? Why was anything anything?'
'My true nature as the Smiths began: the corpse swinging wildly at the microphone was very bit as complicated as the narrow circumstances under which he had lived, devoid of the knack of thigh-slapping laughter.'
'The Morrissey Thing... It is the success of self-culture and defiant self-government, and art is used as a weapon.'
'Peace is reserved for the time beyond the moment of death... Death is alive in life... The soul is said to be somewhere, but the soul has only ever been visible through the eyes.' 
Ve yeri gelmişken, biliyorsunuz shyness is NOT that nice!

3 Ocak 2014 Cuma

how could anybody possibly know how i feel?

Steven Patrick Morrissey: "We are about to record our new album, and one of the tracks is called Istanbul. It is second to Rome as my most favorite city in the world. When I'm in Istanbul I feel as if I could never die. My life is matched. I have been trying to book the Istanbul Opera House, and I long to play Ankara, Izmir and Bursa, but local promoters say I am not well-known enough. Even if I sing to one hundred people in Izmir I'd be happy!"